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Welcome teachers! This page is designed for teachers who have registered their class for an LPS School Program. Please carefully review the policies, safety considerations, step-by-step prep info, and prep documents relevant to your specific program. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Policies and Safety Considerations

Reservation Policy: Your reservation will not be confirmed until payment is received. Payment is due 4 weeks before program date. If your program remains unpaid at this time, you will forfeit your reservation, allowing time for another class to book this date.

Cancellation Policy: Programs cancelled with less than 1 weeks’ notice will be subject to a cancellation fee ($200). This excludes programs cancelled on behalf of Lake Park to Society, due to weather or other factors. It is very hard for another class to fill a program with short notice. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering canceling your program. We will do our best to reschedule.

Weather, Program Choice, and/or Activity Choice: We will do our best to provide your class with your preferred program, if it is safe to do so. LPS will educators have final say on activity choices based on weather, group dynamics, and other factors. Programs may also be adapted to suit participant needs (e.g. mobility) and group dynamics. Please let us know in advance if there are any mobility and/or behavioural needs that would influence our activity choice or program plan. Programs will run rain or shine; however, if weather conditions create a safety concern, programs will be adjusted or rescheduled accordingly. For example, if high winds create unsafe conditions for canoeing during a Water Keepers program, we will switch to our alternative watershed program which will take place in the forest and/or along the lakeshore. In the case of an extreme weather forecast, you will be contacted by one of our educators the evening before the program to cancel. We will give as much notice as possible, but in some circumstances, this may happen last minute – the forecast is dynamic, and does not always align with actual conditions. Please ensure that you are available to be contacted the evening before and morning of your scheduled program in case cancellation is necessary. We will do our best to reschedule your class for another day. 

Safety: All LPS educators are certified in first aid, and have years of experience in wilderness based programming. Educators are also trained and certified in a Big Canoe paddle program that exceeds Paddle Canada certifications required for such canoes. For most school programs, we lash the two boats together making them incredibly stable; and we only travel in appropriate weather conditions. Properly fitting PFDs are worn and checked, and safety information is shared with the participants. All group safety gear (including first aid kits) will be provided by LPS. In the event of an incident requiring first aid, our staff will act as first responders on site. In the case of an incident that needs further treatment (but no ambulance), it will be the responsibility of the teacher to take students off site to seek further treatment.

Communicable Disease Prevention: The health and safety of our participants and staff remains our top priority. LPS has adopted a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan to manage health and safety and will continue to monitor and follow public health guidance. While this is continually revised, below is a brief summary: all of our programs take place outside; all staff and participants will wash hands (or sanitize) prior to snack time and lunchtime; and all staff and participants are welcome to wear masks if they wish. Please stay home if you are sick with a communicable disease or have been directed to self-isolate and follow public health guidance.

Funding and Grants

LPS is committed to ensuring our programs are financially accessible. Our registration fees vary by program and are all based on a cost-recovery rate. LPS offers several registration fee subsidies, including specific grants for SD71 classes. Some of these may be applied automatically during your registration process, without need for an application process. Information on how to apply these subsidies is included in the booking process. Please contact the School Programs Coordinator if you would like more information on our grants or the remaining program fee creates a barrier to your class’ registration.

Having said that, providing funding for transportation is beyond the financial scope of LPS. Therefore, we strongly encourage all teachers to consider additional sources of funding/grants that may provide extra support for transportation costs and/or remaining program costs. We recommend that you explore the following SD71-EOL resources to help you in this search, and apply for grants as early as possible.

SD71 Field Trip Prep Resources – All Programs

We also recommend that you consider these SD71-EOL resources to help you generally prepare for a full-day, outdoor field trip:

Program Prep: Water Keepers (Grade 3)

Note: Prep documents updated for Spring 2023 are coming soon!

Steps to Prepare for an LPS Water Keepers

In order to ensure that you and your class are fully prepared for your Water Keepers program, please make sure you are on track to complete the steps listed below. Please refer to the “Relevant Documents” list to find corresponding PDFs.

  1. Careful review of the LPS Prep Package: Water Keepers, Spring 2023 (link coming soon). In addition to the program overivew and essential information, this package includes a copy of important documents including:
    • “What to Bring” list
    • Take Home Letter
    • Site Map
    • Information Consent Forms/Waivers
  2. Review the “What to Bring: Water Keepers” list with your students, included in the Prep Package
  3. Share our “Take Home Letter: Water Keepers” with students’ families, to help them be informed and prepared.
  4. Ensure that you are familiar with LPS policies around reservation, cancellation, and program/activity choice.
  5. Ensure that Waivers / Informed Consent forms are fully completed for all participants. Bring them with you on the morning of your program.
  6. Update us with any changes in class size, and/or if any additional medical or behavioural info comes to light. 
  7. Confirm Contact Info: Ensure that you are available to be contacted the evening before and/or the morning of your scheduled program, in case circumstances require last minute program cancellation/rescheduling. We will do our best to avoid this scenario, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may direct them to our School Programs Coordinator at [email protected] We look forward to a day of programs with you and your class!

Relevant Documents (PDF version)

Program Prep: Forest Friends (Grade 1)

Details coming soon!

Program Prep: Floating Classroom Canoe Charter

Details coming soon!

Program Prep: Overnight Campout

Details coming soon!

Program Prep: Special Program

Details coming soon!